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League so far

Post by howsoonisnow on Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:56 pm

I would say the biggest revelation of the league so far has to be Dave Chisnall, we all know he can play well but for how long he's kept it up is a surprise. Aidy Lewis seems to have hit form just at the right time, he's smashing the floor tournaments at the moment. Barney has also started to hit his stride at the right moment.

It's unsurprising Wright got knocked out, after he came back from way behind most of his games to nick a draw only suggests his opposition throughout the weeks couldn't get over the line when they should of done. Huybrechts on the other hand played quite well throughout he just met better opposition on the night.

Out of all the players still in the tournament Bunting has my bet to definitely not have a sniff at the pay offs. He hasn't been the player we know he can be throughout the tournament. With Wade having lost two games in one night and getting a draw against gary that should of been a win and with Taylor picking up 3 points last night, it's going to be a tough one for wade. The scrap lower down the table definitely looks interesting especially as aidy and barney are upping their game, they look like they're going to fight all the way.


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